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The curious social world of termite populations

Termites can be a pain in the rear end for home or business owners who have buildings with wood damaged by these pests to many.  But their resilience is what makes them survive so well in various environments,  Surprisingly, termites are also have a social hierarchy that is rather detailed and ensures that every one has a task to complete and that the colony is always running efficiently.

Most of the time when a pest control specialists cracks open a piece of rotten wood, it is the worker termites that we find hidden inside.    These buggers are charged with the task of digesting cellulose and feeding it to all the other termites.  In fact, the strongest members– the soldier termites, often rely completely on the workers to be fed because their cumbersome jaws make it impossible for them to eat by themselves.  Some species of termites even have soldiers which can spray unpleasant goo at their enemies, but each member or the group relies on each other to survive as a team.

To top it off, you would never think of termites as romantic, but unlike ants, the king actually mates with the queen for life.   Sometimes other queens will begin to emerge, but they are expected to mate with a new termite and start a colony of their own during nuptial flight occurs.  A whole bunch of bugs fly around at once like a school of fish, to have more protection in numbers from their predators when mating.  However, this also presents dangers as well, as large numbers can also attract enemies.  Stick around for more buggy updates.

Add Dimension to your Lawn with Tree Variety Experts

Trees and other wildlife may already be growing naturally around your home or business, but there is a good chance that you still have not achieved the exact look or ambiance when it comes to your lawn or yard care.  If you think that your lawn is looking a bit one-dimensional and flat, then maybe what you are missing is more variety in arbor and plants.  Especially if you decided to forego a garden in the past, changing up your landscaping a bit by having more trees, is an easy and low-maintenance way to add to the natural beauty around your house.

If you are looking for an idea of where to start, we at Oklahoma City Home Services recommend, – red maple, elms, bradford pears, oak, white birches, hackberries, cedar’s.  The autumn season is coming up, and that means that the leaf colors on many deciduous trees will change, but how do you know which ones?  One of the most noticeable tree varieties is the red maple, which is also pictured above.  This one is quite red, but you can also see that a good amount of the leaves are orange as well.  

Setting up a sapling or seed for success on your own can be difficult though.  How do you know which is the best time of year to plant, and what kind of nutrition does it need in the more critical growing stages?  Questions like these can easily be answered when you consult registered arborists for your next lawncare goal.

Family Entertainment At Home on “Staycations”

Travelling is never as affordable as the travel agencies or online ticket companies lead you to believe.  Even just going to the movie theatre nowadays costs more than ten dollars a ticket, and it adds up super quickly when you add children to the mix.  But we at Oklahoma City Home Services believe that fun family entertainment does not have to break the bank this summer vacation.

If you are a recent home or business owner with kids of your own, or if you are a proud aunt or uncle of sorts, than you know that entertaining the young ones during family reunions or stay-cations can be one of the most tiring and challenging of experiences.  They are rightfully bored after having a strict schedule and list of things to do while school was in session, but during summer break finding ways to be productive while occupying time as a family  can be hard with all the things like yard or lawn work, that us adults have to get done still.

Today’s culture encourages us to see television programs and movies, but we forget that the best part about being young is creativity.  And with cameras being built into pretty much every cell phone in existence, it is a wonder to us why most parents haven’t encouraged the creation of family friendly home videos.  There are even a multitude of free video editing software out there, so why not make your kid the protagonist or his or her own made up story?  The possibilities for entertainment are endless when your child is the creator, so you all can enjoy the rest of summer with style.

Not enough time to remove trees or pack for moving yourself?

Oklahoma City Home Services is an all-in-one novice database for those who may not have enough time to remove trees or perform moving duties themselves.  Especially if you have a lot of arbor or belongings that need packing before a move, you will find that a professional could get the job done often in less than have the time it would take to do it yourself.  If you are a regular person with a job outside of home services, then you most likely did not get the opportunity to have extensive training in moves or tree cutting.

Tree care is especially an area of the home development field that requires a great deal more safety precautions and organization than others.  One wrong move could mean lost lives from fallen trees or misuse of professional equipment, and most of the time it happens when someone lacks the proper training, experience, insurance, and certifications.  If you are interested in hiring a tree services, then always ask for these types of documents.

Packing and moving can also be an area of your home responsibilities that prove to be frustrating and time consuming without the help of professional services.  Many people should be concerned about their privacy when someone else packs up their belongings, but when you make sure to hire a top rated local mover with our help, it should not be a problem anymore.  So stick around for more from Oklahoma City Home Services:  Tree Removal & Moving.