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Add Dimension to your Lawn with Tree Variety Experts

Trees and other wildlife may already be growing naturally around your home or business, but there is a good chance that you still have not achieved the exact look or ambiance when it comes to your lawn or yard care.  If you think that your lawn is looking a bit one-dimensional and flat, then maybe what you are missing is more variety in arbor and plants.  Especially if you decided to forego a garden in the past, changing up your landscaping a bit by having more trees, is an easy and low-maintenance way to add to the natural beauty around your house.

If you are looking for an idea of where to start, we at Oklahoma City Home Services recommend, – red maple, elms, bradford pears, oak, white birches, hackberries, cedar’s.  The autumn season is coming up, and that means that the leaf colors on many deciduous trees will change, but how do you know which ones?  One of the most noticeable tree varieties is the red maple, which is also pictured above.  This one is quite red, but you can also see that a good amount of the leaves are orange as well.  

Setting up a sapling or seed for success on your own can be difficult though.  How do you know which is the best time of year to plant, and what kind of nutrition does it need in the more critical growing stages?  Questions like these can easily be answered when you consult registered arborists for your next lawncare goal.

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