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The curious social world of termite populations

Termites can be a pain in the rear end for home or business owners who have buildings with wood damaged by these pests to many.  But their resilience is what makes them survive so well in various environments,  Surprisingly, termites are also have a social hierarchy that is rather detailed and ensures that every one has a task to complete and that the colony is always running efficiently.

Most of the time when a pest control specialists cracks open a piece of rotten wood, it is the worker termites that we find hidden inside.    These buggers are charged with the task of digesting cellulose and feeding it to all the other termites.  In fact, the strongest members– the soldier termites, often rely completely on the workers to be fed because their cumbersome jaws make it impossible for them to eat by themselves.  Some species of termites even have soldiers which can spray unpleasant goo at their enemies, but each member or the group relies on each other to survive as a team.

To top it off, you would never think of termites as romantic, but unlike ants, the king actually mates with the queen for life.   Sometimes other queens will begin to emerge, but they are expected to mate with a new termite and start a colony of their own during nuptial flight occurs.  A whole bunch of bugs fly around at once like a school of fish, to have more protection in numbers from their predators when mating.  However, this also presents dangers as well, as large numbers can also attract enemies.  Stick around for more buggy updates.

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