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The curious social world of termite populations

Termites can be a pain in the rear end for home or business owners who have buildings with wood damaged by these pests to many. But their resilience is what makes them survive so well in various environments, Surprisingly, termites are also have a social hierarchy that is rather detailed and ensures that every […]

Add Dimension to your Lawn with Tree Variety Experts

Trees and other wildlife may already be growing naturally around your home or business, but there is a good chance that you still have not achieved the exact look or ambiance when it comes to your lawn or yard care. If you think that your lawn is looking a bit one-dimensional and flat, then […]

Family Entertainment At Home on “Staycations”

Travelling is never as affordable as the travel agencies or online ticket companies lead you to believe. Even just going to the movie theatre nowadays costs more than ten dollars a ticket, and it adds up super quickly when you add children to the mix. But we at Oklahoma City Home Services believe that […]

Not enough time to remove trees or pack for moving yourself?

Oklahoma City Home Services is an all-in-one novice database for those who may not have enough time to remove trees or perform moving duties themselves. Especially if you have a lot of arbor or belongings that need packing before a move, you will find that a professional could get the job done often in […]